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12The International Sustainable Energy Development Centre under the auspices of UNESCO (ISEDC) has published the 12th number of the Energy Bulletin "Renewable Energthe context of global development: the role of social competency."

In the article, a central program specialist in charge of projects on renewable energy of UNESCO Osman Benshik highlights the main topics of the issue: ensuring the reliability of the global energy system to meet the requirements of the environment; action by the international community to promote the use of clean and renewable energy sources (RES) in order to achieve sustainable development and tackling climate change.

bokova2"2011 was a year of challenges for UNESCO and for the whole world" - said the Director-General of UNESCO, Mrs. Irina Bokova in her messages at the end of the year.

Arabian spring showed the transformative power of desire for dignity and democracy. UNESCO quickly mobilized its resources in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and is intensifying its efforts in 2012 to support education reforms, to promote a culture and support mass-media organizations as a framework for new societies.

bokova5An official meeting between Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, and Vladimir Kalamanov, Director General of ISEDC, was held in Paris. During the meeting the parties discussed the issues of current activity and the prospects of further development including the establishment of the Work group under UNESCO Director-General on energy and climate change and including the cooperation within preparation for 2012 which had been proclaimed by the General Assembly as The International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

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DorvillAn official meeting between Hans d’Orville, Assistant Director-General for Strategic Planning of UNESCO, and Vladimir Kalamanov, Director General of ISEDC, was held in Paris. During this meeting the issues of the current ISEDC activity and the prospects of further cooperation were discussed.

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dvorec naciiYury Posysaev, Executive Director of the International Sustainable Energy Development Centre (ISEDC), presented at the 22nd session of the Steering Committee of the Energy Efficiency 21 Programme in Geneva the Strategy of renewable energy development in CIS and the main results of research on increasing energy efficiency for secure energy supplies in CIS region.

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