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Energy plays the major role in the process of creation conditions for sustainable energy development of almost all elements of human activities.

Provision of clean, efficient, affordable and reliable energy services is recognized as the key aspect for the prosperity and achieving global energy development goals.

The problem of global energy development is related to the issues such as energy security and sustainable energy development. At the same time, the problem of international energy security depends on political stability in the world. There is no question whether to carry out sustainable energy policy or not. It is a mandatory task, which applies to all, not just to the "selected" countries.

While speaking about energy strategies and technological development, leading energy experts say that, on the one hand, at present stage of the world development there are divergent and contradictory trends, but on the other hand, there is a clear and advanced trend in renewable energy and alternative hydrocarbons development as well as in energy efficiency increase. In this case, according to many experts, energy efficiency is becoming a new fundamental characteristic of the world energy system in the 21st century.

In the framework of sustainable energy development projects, ISEDC is carrying out monitoring and analysis of:

  • main trends of sustainable energy development
  • ways and means for ensuring the energy security
  • international law in terms of energy issues
  • perspective trends of cooperation between Russia and its partners in the energy sector
  • current state of intergovernmental partnership in the energy sector, and other issues.

In the context of sustainable energy development ISEDC actively works in the following areas:

altEnergy Efficiency
altClimate altRenewable Energy Sources
altAccess to Energy