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ISEDC mission is to promote humanitarian aspects and principles of sustainable energy development.

ISEDC main objective is to identify highly efficient methods for comprehensive realization of world energy potential by means of employing best known practices in order to contribute significantly to global sustainable energy development.

ISEDC main function is to serve as an international platform for communication and collaboration between scientists and experts on present and future global energy challenges.

ISEDC promotes principles of sustainable energy development in the following areas:

  • universal access to energy, humanitarian aspects of world energy development
  • climate change and mitigation of adverse impact of energy industry on the environment, efficiency of resources use and eco-efficiency
  • development of renewable energy sources (RES)
  • innovations in energy development
  • energy efficiency
  • capacity-building in the energy sector of developing
  • countries and countries in transition
  • development of multilateral cooperation in the field of energy
  • identifying possible challenges and threats to sustainable energy development and generating policies for their elimination
  • energy education and training of specialists for renewable energy (fellowship programmes)
  • publishing of periodicals on current energy trends
  • planning and organizing of exhibitions and conferences on energy and sustainable development