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In 2008, International Sustainable Energy Development Centre under the auspices of UNESCO initiated the "White Paper" project and issued the first publication of "Energy Bulletin" periodical with the aim of increasing public awareness of current issues of global energy development.

ISEDC alongside with the Institute of Energy Strategy has released two volumes of the White Paper. In 2009, the White Paper "Global Energy and Sustainable Development" was issued. It presented a study on prospects of sustainable development as a major aspect of the XXI century agenda. Two years later, the second volume of the White Paper "World Energy 2050" was published. It presented a trend analysis and forecast for the world energy development for the period up to 2050.

Energy Bulletin is a periodical issued by ISEDC in cooperation with UNESCO, which serves as a complementary source of information on sustainable energy development and issues like climate change mitigation, access to energy resources and eradication of energy poverty, energy education, research and forecasting in the energy sector. Energy Bulletin is published two times a year both in English and Russian languages.

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