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Editorial, p. 4

Small Wind World Market Continues Growing
Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General of the World Wind Energy Association, Germany
with participation of Jean Pitteloud, Public Relations & Marketing Manager, World Wind Energy Association, Venezuela, p. 10

Development of On-Grid Wind Power Plants in Russia – Case of Mirny Wind Power Plant Pilot Project in Yeysk District of Krasnodar Region
Georgy Ermolenko, Director-General
Ilya Gordeyev, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mikhail Ryzhenkov, Deputy Director-General
Alexandra Nikomarova, Project manager
Nina Bogoroditskaya, Project manager
"Wind Energy Systems" company, Russia, p. 18

UNESCO News, p. 29

The New European Wind Atlas
Erik Lundtang Petersen, Ib Troen, Hans E. Jørgensen, Jakob Mann
Wind Energy Department, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, p. 34

Sustainable Energy for All: Myth or Reality?
Yuri Bychkov, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences (D.Sc.Tech.), Russia, p. 40

Hybrid Wind Systems for the Supply of Services in Rural Settlements of South Mediterranean Countries – Case Study of the Hybrid System in Egypt
Essam Sh.Mohamed, G. Papadakis, G. Kyriakarakos, Agricultural University of Athens
Abdel-Wahab S. Kassem, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, Greece, p. 46

Events, p. 55

Multicriterial Assessment of Marine Water Pollution in Areas of Offshore Oil and Gas Field Development
Olga Esina, Galina Monakhova, Sergey Monakhov, Alexey Kurapov, Caspian Marine Scientific Research Centre, Russia, p. 68

Letters to the Editor
High-Altitude Wind Energy: Fiction or Reality?
Efim Dwoskin, inventor, Russia, p. 73

ISEDC News, p. 76