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The strategy of sustainable development of society comprises three interrelated aspects of society: economics, ecology and social processes.
As a result of economic and other activities of mankind the profound irreversible changes in the environment are undergoing. These changes disrupt the balance of nature, natural ecosystems, genetic pools of plants and animals, and threaten the health of population.
In such a critical situation, the necessary condition for improving the quality of life and reducing the morbidity is the implementation of a set of measures for improvement of the environmental safety and protection.
However, all compulsory measures cannot solve the protracted crisis in the relationship of society and nature, which has gained a truly global nature.
The development of the modern civilization, further development of mankind will depend primarily on the environmental culture and the level of education of all its members - on understanding of the inseparable unity of human being, nature and social mechanisms.
It is necessary today to keep what belongs to the man by the right, i.e. the part of the overall ecology of the Earth, which is the ecology of the human being. Otherwise, the international community will lose the most important thing – its future and the possibility for the sustainable development.
ISEDC experts perform the applied research studies, participate in the organization and implementation of works in the field of remediation of areas disturbed by anthropogenic impact, develop training materials and proposals for the comprehensive solution to the problem of accumulated environmental damage. These training materials and proposals can be used for the purposes of methodological support and improvement of the activities of executive authorities on issues in the field of environmental security.