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Editorial, p. 4

Energy: The Crisis and the Future
Jamal Saghir, Director, Energy, Transport and Water, World Bank, p. 6

Alleviating Urban Energy Poverty in Latin America
Efraín Carrera Saúd, Chairman of the World Energy Council (WEC) Venezuelan Member Committee, with significant contributions from Eduardo Alvarez, Norberto de Franco Medeiros, Andrés Matas and Gloria Piña, p. 14

The Energy Program for the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
Sindiso Ndema Ngwenya, Secretary General, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, Zambia, p. 32

UNESCO News, p. 38

The Hidden Energy Crisis of Energy Poverty
Andrew Scott, Policy and Programmes Director, Practical Action, United Kingdom, p. 43

Climate Warming and Energy Poverty: The Urgency of Concrete
Lucien Maillard, Professor, Sciences Po, France, p. 48

The Diffusion of Renewable Energy: A Bridge Between Industrial and Developing Countries?
Ugo Farinelli, Professor, Secretary General of AIEE – Italian Association of Energy Economists, p. 54

Events, p. 60

Energy Efficiency: From Global Commitments and National Policies to Corporate and Individual Responsibility
Nataly Olofinskaya, Head of UNDP Russia Environment Unit, p. 65

Governing Energy: The Global Energy Challenge
Simon Zadek, Chief Executive of AccountAbility (Geneva)
Frances Seymour, Director of the Institutions and Governance Program at the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC p. 68

Wind Power in Context – A Clean Revolution in the Energy Sector
Dr. Rudolf Rechsteiner, Member of the Swiss Parliament and its Energy Committee, in cooperation with Energy Watch Group, p. 75

ISEDC News, p. 84