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Editorial, p. 4

Quantifying Sustainability for Energy Development
Noam Lior, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, USA, p. 8

UNESCO News, p. 25

What can the Energy of the Future Be? Some Topical Issues Related to Sustainable Energy Development
Dmitry Strebkov, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Director of the All-Russian Institute of Electrification of Agriculture, Russia, p. 32

Future Bioenergy Expansion Requires a New Concept Of Biomass Production and Better Technologies for Processing Feedstock and for Final Energy Use
Spyros Kyritsis, Vice-president of the Hellenic Agricultural Academy, Greece, p. 41

Oxygen Depletion of Atmosphere and Remedy Concept
Vladimir Chirkov, Senior researcher, Biofuel Laboratory, All-Russian Research Institute for Electrification of Agriculture, Russia, p. 54

Events, p. 62

Flow Accelerator for Generating Energy by Means of Wind, Water and Sun
Anatoly Volkov, Director of Ruthenium Research and Production Company, Ekaterinburg, Russia, p. 69

ISEDC News, p. 77