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Editorial, p. 3

Energy and Sustainable Development
Marcio Barbosa, Deputy Director-General of UNESCO, p. 4

Improving Russia's Energy Efficiency Economy: An Energy Strategy Priority
Sergei Shmatko, Minister of Energy of Russian Federation, p. 13

Renewable Energie Sources – What Next?
Hans-Josef Fell, MdB, Germany, p. 20

Renewable Energy Sources: Current Situation and Development Prospects
Patrick Willems, Team Leader, TACIS Projekt "Renewable energy policy and rehabilitation of small scale hydropower plants", p. 26

The Utilization of Tidal Energy
I.N. Usachev, NIIES RusHydro plc, Moscow, Russia, p. 25

The Future of Conventional and Alternative Fuels
Rob Routs, Executive Director of Royal Dutch Shell plc, the Netherlands, p. 42

Challenges and Prospects for Global Biofuels Markets
P.P. Bezrukikh, Deputy General Director, Institute of Energy Strategy, Russia
U.Yu. Arslangulov, Research Engineer and Analyst, Institute of Energy Strategy, Russia, p. 46

Overcoming Barriers During the Implementation of Investment Projects in the Field of Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection
Delcho Vitchev, President Renaissance Finance International Limited, UK
Irina Yazvina, Deputy Executive Director ISEDC, Russia, p. 58

Issues of Alternative Energy for Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), p. 62

Russia’s Energy Sector in The 21st Century – 7 Years of Evolution, p. 64