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global energy chung3Rae Kwon Chung, Chairman of the Global Energy international Prize Award Committee and winner of the Nobel Peace prize, addressed the third online meeting of experts for “The energy transition to the post-Covid world.”

global energy 2020 8The Global Energy Association presented its first annual report “Ten breakthrough ideas in energy for the next 10 years”– written by academics from countries throughout the world. The report is a reflection of the principal branches of research directed at the campaign against global climate change.

education2For at least 463 million children whose schools closed due to COVID-19, “there was no such a thing as remote learning,” the head of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Thursday, as the agency launched a new report outlining the limitations of remote learning and exposing the deep inequalities in access.

global energy 2020The shortlist for the 2020 Global Energy Prize Conventional Energy category includes scientists from China, USA, Italy, and Australia. Their works are related to a wide range of domains from the oil to the nuclear industry, and all of them are focused on the energy system efficiency improvement.

truckIn the first half of 2020, the United States more than doubled its purchases of Russian oil products, RBC reported citing data from the Federal Customs Service of Russia. In just six months, the U.S. purchased 9.1 million tons of oil products from Russia, the largest volume in 16 years.