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In recent decades, climate change has become a problem which global society concerns about.

Sudden temperature changes, increase of floodwaters amount, frequency and power of hurricanes, rise of the sea level, droughts, increase of the uneven rainfall, changes in the regime of river flow, spread of the infectious diseases are the manifestations of global changes which take place currently in the Earth's climate system. These and other manifestations of climate variability already entail considerable economic damage, impact on the stable existence of plants and animals, as well as endanger the health and lives of people.

Scientists around the world have concluded that global climate change is happening with a "very high probability", while anthropogenic emissions are a major cause of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

Climate change affects every region and country in the world, but show up in different ways in different parts of the world.

Therefore, mankind should not underestimate their own contribution to the changes in planetary processes. It is necessary to take retaliatory measures in order to try to mitigate the projected changes as well as to restrain the growth rate of the temperature in order to avoid dangerous and irreversible consequences in the future, since the problem of global climate change does not only affect environmental, economic and social spheres, but also the sustainable development.

The climate change issue is well prioritized in many aspects of the Russian Federation development, as well as at the highest political level.

Experts of the Centre take part in Russian initiatives related to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the Russian Federation. They develop training materials and carry out applied researches on issues related to climate change.

In particular, experts of ISEDC took an active part in the work aimed at creating of a national system for monitoring, reporting, and verification of greenhouse gas emissions in the Russian Federation at the level of organizations engaged in economic and other activities. A representative of ISEDC is included in the work group dealing with the economic aspects of environmental protection and emissions regulations created under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

The ISEDC was involved in developing, publishing and disseminating of a study guide in schools of Moscow and Sochi “Climate Box” – learn-and-play edition for students on the Climate Change issue – as well as of a Russian and English version of Carbon handbook: Reducing the carbon footprint of world class events.