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Currently, energy efficiency and energy saving are the top priorities of the development of the global economy. These directions open up new possibilities for solving such pressing global issues as the growing shortage of energy resources and the negative impact on the environment.

Accelerated actions for increase of energy efficiency and energy savings are the key task in the process of creating conditions for sustainable energy development at all levels of the modern society (local, regional, national and global).

Rational and efficient use of all forms of energy, which is based on the achievements of scientific and technological progress, which is also encouraged and supported by the appropriate economic and legal mechanisms, will help in many cases successfully solve the energy problems which society faces today. It will also help to ensure the amount of high-quality energy, which is adequate to the prices of its development, for the next generation. Moreover, it will prevent the emergence of energy poverty in the energy prosperous and even rich countries, if they will not be able to ensure fully the high levels of energy efficiency and savings.

ISEDC experts are actively involved in the preparation of proposals for development of the state programs, for improvement of the legal framework, which is directed on formation of energy-efficient economy. In this legal framework should reflect the key task of creation and implementation of the basic principles of economic and organizational conditions for the effective use of energy resources.

Center analyzes the global processes in the field of energy efficiency, broadcasts this information through the educational programs and information resources, as well as collects information about the implemented projects in this area on the territory of the Russian Federation. Scope of ISEDC’ interests also includes joint implementation projects (JI) under the Kyoto Protocol.

In addition, experts of the Centre are actively involved in the implementation of the applied research studies, which are initiated by themselves, performed in the interest of government agencies and organizations, as well as carried out in the framework of participation in the projects of international organizations. Directions of the studies include, inter alia, comprehensive analysis of the potential for improvement of energy efficiency in industry, analysis of the mechanisms of energy management implementation at the Russian enterprises for improvement of their energy effectiveness.