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In 2008 ISEDC initiated The Global Energy and Sustainable Development (White Paper) Project which provided for publication of White Papers related to the most pressing issues of sustainable energy development. The White Paper is one of the primary results of activities carried out by ISEDC in studying humanitarian aspects of sustainable energy development.

In 2009 in Paris there has taken place the presentation of the first edition of the White Paper prepared by ISEDC with involvement of the Russian and foreign experts.

It addressed the international community (governments, companies and non-profitable organizations) through UNESCO agencies and represented a ‘third view’ (other than that of IEA and OPEC) as to the current state and problems related to global energy development.

The mission of the project involves specifying key issues and trends in the energy industry worldwide against the background of the global economy globalization in the first half of the 21st century from the perspective of the impact they have on sustainable development.

In December 2011 ISEDC and the Institute of Energy Strategy (Moscow, Russian Federation) jointly published the 2nd volume of the White Paper (Global Energy-2050).

WORLD ENERGY-2050, White Paper
(ed. V.V. Bushuyev (the Institute of Energy Strategy), V.A. Kalamanov (ISEDC))

(ed. V.V. Bushuyev, A.M. Mastepanov)