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rt 18.08.2022On 18 August 2022, ISEDC held an educational meeting with students from Pakistan who had come to Moscow within the RUDN exchange program. At the meeting, the experts of the center spoke about the current areas of their research.

After a welcoming speech by Dr. Igor Matveev, the Executive Director of the Center, Vladimir Berdin made a presentation focused on Russian Federation State Climate Change Policies. Nadezhda Uledova, Director of the Department of Strategic Planning and Partnership put in the picture her comprehensive research conducted to build up the Moscow Climate Action Plan and current climate project in the Sakhalin region, both of which are aimed at GHG emissions reduction and achieving carbon neutrality in these regions.

Genuine interest of students-chemists aroused the report by the Head of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy sector, Andrey Mironov, about the role of hydrogen as a global decarbonization tool, barriers and difficulties on the way to scale up hydrogen technologies and emerging hydrogen market. Dr. Dilyara Karimova, Director of the Environmental Development covered her department’s current activities which include contaminated areas management, instruments for climate risks management and training courses in environmental audit. Further, Head of the Environmental Design Sector Maria Toloknova spoke about the educational programs conducted by ISEDC for students.

The meeting concluded with a series of questions and answers and turned into a lively discussion. Students were introduced to the research and educational programmes held by ISEDC.

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