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berd yulkin1
Vladimir Berdin
Deputy Executive Director of ISEDC

areas of expertise
sustainable development, energy, climate
Grigory Yulkin
Director of Department of Strategic Planning and Partnership of ISEDC 

areas of expertise:
energy and climate, projects on GHG emissions reduction
 kar alekseeva2 
Dilyara Karimova
Phd in geology and mineralogy,
Director of Department of
Ecological Development of ISEDC

areas of expertise:
environmental design, environmental assessment, remediation of contaminated areas, environmental damage assessment, resource efficiency
Ayuna Alekseeva
Ph.D., Head of Sector of Ecological Designing
Department of Ecological Development of ISEDC

areas of expertise
ecological design, analytical and research
activities in the field of conservation of biological diversity, ecology and taxonomy
skonechnyy1  tatarkin
Mikhail Skonechnyy
Head of Sector of Applied Research of ISEDC

areas of expertise:
ecology, sustainable development,
environmental protection
Sergey Tatarkin
Ph.D., Head of Secory of Environmental Design

areas of expertise
ecology, chemical analysis
orl cher
Valentina Orlova
D.SC.Bio., professor

areas of expertise
environmental biotechnology and biosafety,
medical biotechnology, nanobiotechnology,
molecular biotechnology and biochemistry

Natalia Chernyh
D.Sc.Bio., professor, member of the Russian
Academy of Natural Sciences

areas of expertise
environmental safety and sustainable development, analysis of migration and transformation,
processes of heavy metal compounds, radionuclides, crude oil and petroleum products in the bioenvironment
 matveev kuz 
Igor Matveev
PhD in Economics, Deputy Director of
the All-Russian Research Institute of
Market Research (VNIKI)

areas of expertise:
energy conservation and energy efficiency, renewable energy sources (RES), new energy technologies and energy sources of the future
Vladimir Kuzminov
PhD in the thermophysics, honourable professor of the Institute of environmental engineering and chemical machine building of the Moscow state university of mechanical engineering, Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS)
areas of expertise:
sustainable energy development, issues of renewable energy development, energy education and the training of specialists for renewable energy
leb  esieeva
Andrey Lebedev
PhD in Political Science, Chief specialist of Sector
of Global Energy in Context of Sustainable
Energy Development of ISEDC, docent

areas of expertise:
international energy cooperation and security,
the role of energy sector in Russian economy and
its impact on Russia's foreign policy
Fariza Esieva
Head of Sector of Global Energy
in Context of Sustainable Energy Development

areas of expertise:
RES, studies in clean energy technologies,
trends in advanced energy development