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9The basic theme of this edition is “Ocean – one of the largest renewable energy resources on the planet”.

Great attention is paid to different aspects of using renewable energy sources including economic regulation, as well as to advanced scientific and technical development in this field.

mex 2010Joint meeting of the UN Secretary-General's Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change and UN-Energy program held in Mexico City, Mexico, on 14-16.07.2010.

The meeting confirmed a decision to launch a new global campaign entitled.

06 07 10On July 6, 2010, a delegation from the US Embassy in Moscow headed by Tyler Tiller, Energy Attache, Christina Hansel, Environmental Analyst, and Irina Aksenova, Senior Specialist on US Embassy Energy Policy, visited the International Centre for Sustainable Energy Development (“the Centre”).

Vladimir Kalamanov, director general of the Centre, informed the guests about the Centre's key objectives, tasks and areas of activity and focused on its growing potential and worldwide cooperation priorities.

cub isedcOn June 11, 2010 the Grand Palais Exhibition Hall in Paris was a venue for a round table discussion called "Cooperation in Energy" prepared within the scope of the Russian National Exhibition which is held as a part of the "cross" Years of Russia and France and was opened by Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin.

The round table was organized by Russian Ministry of Energy, Russian Energy Agency and International Sustainable Energy Development Centre. 




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